Quick heads up, the World Economic Forum released a Special Report covering what it considers to the the top 10 emerging technologies of 2020 that “have the greatest potential to positively transform society and industry. The technologies listed include:

  1. Microneedles for Painless Injections and Tests (tiny needles resulting in fewer trips to medical labs make care more accessible)
  2. Sun-Powered Chemistry (visible light that can drive processes that convert carbon dioxide into common materials)
  3. Virtual Patients (replacing humans with simulations could make clinical trials faster and safer)
  4. Spatial Computing (advancements beyond virtual and augmented reality)
  5. Digital Medicine (apps that diagnose and even treat)
  6. Electric Aviation (enabling air travel to decarbonize)
  7. Lower-Carbon Cement (construction material that combats climate change)
  8. Quantum Sensing (high-precision metrology based on the peculiarities of the subatomic realm)
  9. Green Hydrogen (zero-carbon energy to supplement wind and solar)
  10. Whole-Genome Synthesis (next-level cell engineering)

Check out the website here.  Happy reading!